The Thorium Energy Conference - ThEC13 in Geneva - will be held in the Globe of Science and Innovation at CERN from October 27 to 31, 2013, in cooperation with a local Thorium Energy organization, which is under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Carlo Rubbia (Nobel Prize Laureate and former CERN Director).

There will be 280 participants, world famous contributors, a visit to the unique detectors at CERN and a banquette at the famous Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. Thorium Energy has just reached the point of true take-off momentum with an ever growing number of national programs and start-ups around the world. The series of ThEC-conferences will continue to grow even further!

Our local partner iThEC (international Thorium Energy Committee), which constitutes of various Geneva personalities of whom many are closely related to CERN, will ensure the conference is a success through their local and international experience.

The purpose of ThEC13 is to review the status of thorium energy technologies, from R&D to industrial developments. It will cover front-end and back-end of the thorium fuel cycle, the use of thorium in critical reactors and in Accelerator Driven Systems (ADS), with particular emphasis on accelerator developments and the destruction of nuclear waste.

Following the success of the previous ThEC10 (UK), ThEC11 (USA) and ThEC12 (China), iThEC will use the opportunity and bring together regional actors in the development of thorium energy systems in order to obtain an overview of the activities and promote cooperation.

Program overview

Sunday October 27, 17:00
Reception and conference check-in at Hotel President Wilson.

Monday October 28, 8:30
Opening ceremony in the CERN Globe and conference photo.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:
Scientific programme

Tuesday October 29, 19:30
Conference banquet at Hotel President Wilson.

Thursday October 31, afternoon:
Visit of CERN facilities. This will be a unique opportunity to visit one of the LHC experimental underground caverns, as the LHC will be in shutdown mode. The visit will also include the LHC magnet test facility known as SM18. Early registration for the visit is recommended.

Thursday October 31, morning:
Last session of scientific programme
Round table discussion
Conclusions of the conference


The Program for ThEC13 in Geneva at CERN is now available. Please find the Program in pdf format at the link below:

Thorium Energy Conference Program - ThEC13 in Geneva at CERN

This is a tentative program. Program updates will come shortly. If you have recommendations please send them to

Conference subjects

– National and international cooperative programs on thorium technologies

– New conceptual aspects of thorium energy systems (Cooling, moderation, blanket, containment, safety, etc.)

– Thorium properties and resources

– Thorium fuel manufacturing

– Back-end of the thorium fuel cycle, fuel recovery and recycling

– Thorium utilization in critical reactors, neutronic aspects

– Thorium utilization in accelerator driven systems (ADS)

– Thorium and the elimination of nuclear waste

– Safety, proliferation and regulatory issues


Follow the instructions on the ThEC13 CERN webpage here.


– For registration prior to August 31, 2013: CHF 600, including reception, the banquet, lunches, coffee breaks, and the CERN facility visit.

– For registration after August 31, 2013: CHF 800.

– If you are accompanied for the banquet, please add CHF 250 to the conference fees when making your payment


A pre-conference cocktail party will be held on Sunday October 27, from 17:00 at Hotel President Wilson.

It is strongly adviced for all participants to attend and collect the check-in material there in order to avoid Monday registration queuing.

The check-in material will include a pass which will be mandatory in order to be allowed into the Globe of Science and Innovation at CERN.

International Scientific Advisory Committee - ISAC

The complete list of ISAC members (no particular order) as of today is:

Ulrich Becker - MIT - USA

Hans Blix - Ex director of IAEA - Sweden

Robert Cywinski – Uni. of Huddersfield - England

Hesheng Chen - CAS - China

Bruno Coppi - MIT - USA

Sylvain David - CNRS/IPNO - France

Roland Garoby - CERN - Switzerland

Waclaw Gudowski - KTH - Sweden

Stuart Henderson - Fermilab - USA

Victor Ignatiev - Kurtchatov Institute - Russia

Yacine Kadi - iThEC - Switzerland

Wolfgang Kröger- ETH - Switzerland

Egil Lillestol - iThEC - Switzerland

Mats Lindroos - ESS - Sweden

Alex C. Muller - CNRS IN2P3 - France

Ganapati Myneni - Jefferson Lab. - USA

Baldev Raj - PSG - India

Jean-Pierre Revol - iThEC - Switzerland

Carlo Rubbia - CERN - Switzerland

Toshinobu Sasa - JAEA - Japan

Mike Seidel - PSI - Switzerland

Richard Sheffield - LANL - USA

Alexander Stanculecu - Idaho National Lab. - USA

We are pleased to have such an experienced, well-connected and diverse advisory committee to make ThEC13 in Geneva a must attend event.


Display you work prominently at the conference with a poster. Posters related to the above subjects may be displayed during the conference. Proposals for posters with a summary of the content and format should be sent to
Please not that there will not be a poster session during the conference.
Poster dimensions are H x W = 192cm x 120 cm

Readers of this announcement are encouraged to propose topics and speakers. Such proposals will be considered when deciding on the conference programme.

Please send your proposal to

Further information will be made available soon here or at the CERN ThEC13 page.

We look forward to welcoming you to ThEC13 in Geneva!

ThEC13 page CERN

CERN Globe of Science and Innovation

ThEC13 page IThEO

CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research

The following conferences have been held:

2010 – ThEC10 in London

2011 – ThEC11 in New York

2012 – ThEC12 in Shanghai

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